September blogging challenge: Measuring progress

As part of the September blogging writing challenge, I will be writing posts each day based on a topic given (just like last month)!

Today’s topic is how do you measure your progress.

I measure progress in a variety of different ways.

  • the scale
  • measurements
  • tracking workouts (weights and reps for weight training, mileage and time for spinning, walking and running)
  • how my clothes fit
  • how I feel while working out (like noticing whether or not I tire easy, how sore I am the next day, whether or not my heart rate is high/low while working out)

I track on an excel spreadsheet, in dailymile, Fitocracy, and more than that I am sure.  As long as I see progress, I am happy.

Please forgive the perhaps non-coherence of this post, I am exhausted!


How do you measure progress?

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