Catching up

Its been a crazy few days!  I was so stressed out, but everything is finally back to normal (well as normal as it gets!)

  • My dad is back home.  There will be more tests, etc, and then I will know what kind of prognosis/treatment and everything.
  • I got my loan money!  This makes the world a brighter place.  I think I have personally increased the the economy of Scotland in the past 2 days!  I had food to buy, clothes (since I lost weight and also needed to have something to wear to class instead of my gym clothes), shoes to replace, books for uni to order, coffee to drink.  🙂
  • I had my first Social Statistics class.  Eek.  I will be blogging more about the Ph.D and everything, but I think I am going to set up a separate blog to discuss the research, since this blog is more about me and my personal life/weight loss journey, etc.
  • I am getting a massage tomorrow!  I will be blogging about it, as it’s my first sponsored post!  I can’t wait!


How is everyone’s week going?


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