Bloody spinning class

I left early for the gym today.  Too early.  Oops.  I needed to go to Boots to get shampoo and Poundland for paper towels, etc.  I’d already been to the Boots near uni today looking for the specific shampoo I wanted and they didn’t have it.  The one near the gym didn’t have it.  So I had to walk to Buchanan (in the rain!).  I had plenty of time, but I was being lazy.  So they did have it and I poked around for a bit, and then went to Poundland.  Exciting life I lead, yeah?

I got to the gym and took my time getting ready and since I had SO much time left I walked on the treadmill for a bit, and then I went and sat for a few and waited for the class before my class to end.  In hindsight, WHY DIDN’T I TAKE THAT ONE?????

One the class cleared out I went in and set up my bike and warmed up.  When the instructor came in, I had to literally stop myself from rolling my eyes.  It was the trainer who approached me a few months ago, asking if I needed help.   She came in with a CD (people still use them?) and got her bike set up.  There were a total of 9 people in the class.  She cranked the (horrible) music up and began to lead the class.

Cindy’s rule number 1 about spin class, if you can’t project like I can (meaning using my really fucking loud teacher voice) then don’t bloody have your horrid music blaring because then I can’t hear your instructions!  Also another tip, if you are going to give instructions, do not say “C’mon guys!” like you are talking to a toddler.  I don’t haven’t talked to my nieces like that since they were like 3.  Duh.  Also telling me to keep moving my legs is kind of a given.  Tell me what RPM you want me at or RPE or something  more than move my legs.  Plushie Ten would have made a better instructor.  Oi.

I pretty much spent the entire class mentally writing this blog post, thinking about a possible new tattoo, and thinking that the picture posted last night of DT shows he really needs to trim the stubble a bit.  (IMHO of course.)  My mind was NOT on class.

Usually I am thinking about that I may possibly die in the next 5 seconds or that my legs are going to fall off.  Not today.  I. WAS. BORED, which never happens in spin class.

It gets better.  After class I signed the register and headed into the locker room to grab my stuff and go.  She approached me and asked me if I liked the class, which of course I said yes.  My mum taught me to be polite to people (and then go slag them off on the internet afterwards.)  OK maybe not that last part.  She asked me what my goals were for at the gym and asked how long I’d been going and I was like really?  Really?  THEN she asked if I was interested in personal training.  I was like no (not from you!)  And then I got the hell out of there.  I kind of wish I had stuck around to see if she approached anyone else from the class, or again if it was just me (because I’m not skinny).

Anyways, I will make sure not to hit that particular class again!

Dinner time!

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