Three for Thursday

1. Today was a better day than yesterday.  My headache wasn’t nearly as bad so I was able to get caught up on my stats reading.

2.  It’s the end of the Bobby Valentine era in Red Sox Nation.  And not a moment to soon, IMHO!


3. I’m trying to get a better handle on getting work done vs. going to the gym.  I think now that I am getting up a little bit earlier most days, that I am going to go to the gym first so it is out of the way, then get work done, except on Monday’s when I have class.   Let’s see how this goes in practice.  (I don’t think it will tomorrow as Steph has an appointment in the afternoon and I told her I would go with her.  I hope to go to spinning tomorrow evening, pending my knee cooperating.  (I’m definitely going to have it checked out next Wednesday.  I promise!)

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