Happy birthday to me :)

Today is my birthday.  It’s hard to think about this day knowing that the person who brought me into it isn’t here anymore. 🙁





Ok, enough of that.  Today ended up being just like any other day.  Of course last night I had another bad pain night (stupid headache) and didn’t really sleep with the pain and sort of dozed off and on.  And of course I had class today.  I managed to make it through class,  but bailed on the tutorial and lab.  I was so exhausted and headachy I was useless in following anything that was going on.  Hopefully I will feel better at some point and can make up the work independently.  I am so glad that my neuro appointment is Saturday (even if it is at an ungodly hour of the morning!)

As it was a uni day for both Steph and I, we didn’t have anything planned.  We were going to do Sunday roast at Curler’s Rest last night but, with my stupid headache….. it will have to be next weekend perhaps.

In the meantime, I’ve had a lovely salmon dinner and will have a cupcake to celebrate my cake day!  🙂


Watch this space for new dietary plan changes, an exercise plan (more change in time, rather than what I’m doing), and hopefully good news from the PT on Wednesday on my knee.

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