The neuro appointment


I had been waiting 10 months for this appointment.  The past 2 weeks have been agony.  The headaches have been getting harder to deal with.  It’s harder to get up.  Harder to read.  Harder to focus.  I was really hopeful for today.  Neurologist #7.

So much for that.  So much fail.  I was asked a few questions, had the standard neuro exam (walk around, push on my hands, b/p).  Then I was told that I need to lose weight (he didn’t ask if I was doing anything prior to that statement).  When I explained I’ve been working out, etc he told me to try harder.  (again he has no idea what I’ve done, etc)  Also, last I checked (according to several doctors, these headaches have NOTHING to do with weight.

Then he said, based on his 10 minutes with me, that there was nothing he could do for me.  He told me to have a lifestyle change (I don’t even have a LIFE), get massages, but that these appointments were worthless to me and sent  me on my way with a note to take to my GP about a medication he recommends but he didn’t have a lot of hope of it working.

I am SO angry right now.  I’ve been living like this for 7 years.  7 years and now I feel there is no hope for getting any help now.  I can only hope that my GP is sympathetic and can offer some hope for me.  But as of right now, I just feel defeated.


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