I don’t like Mondays

I am not a fan of Monday at the moment.  It means 5 hours of back to back lecture, tutorial, and lab for statistics.  I have no problem with the lecture mostly (today I did get a bit lost, but I need to re-read in the book what we did today to have it make sense (I hope).  The lab is fine.  I follow the directions.  It’s not overly complicated IMO, but I did work in it for nearly a decade, so I have that advantage.  It’s the tutorial that gets me.  I do not get the point of it.  Maybe if the person running it was a bit more clear and I felt she understood what she was going over with us, I’d feel better about it.  I just really have the feeling she is giving misinformation since the first week when she gave an entirely wrong formula for something that was key.  And since I missed last week (with feeling so sick from my headache) I felt entirely out of it.  I finally was able to figure out what she was on about, but it’s confusing when we are doing one thing in lecture and then off to another in tutorial and lab.

Other than that, Monday is the day where I live on caffeine to get me through the day (and the oppressive heat in the lecture hall; and today the added addition of paint fumes).  It means when I get home I have to drink ALL.THE.WATER.  🙂  I haven’t been feeling 100% today (no idea why) so I had soup and bread for dinner and I’ve been catching up on the internets and blogs and last night’s Homeland ZOMG!

One brilliant thing about today is that I am now a member of Healthy Living Blogs!   Yay!  Go me!  🙂


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