Getting on a schedule

There are days where I wish I was still teaching.  That way I had a plan for the day.  Get up and shower, get coffee, go to work, come home, work out, dinner, telly/correct papers/plan lessons, bed.

Right now, the only day I have a schedule is Monday.  I get up and shower, get coffee, head to campus and go to class from 12-5.  Then I head home and sort of flop on the couch for the rest of the night.

The rest of the week, is sort of as it happens.  Some days I get a lot done.  Some days I get absolutely nothing done besides watching telly and reading blogs.  What I need is a plan for every day.  And then I need to stick with it.  I need to find a balance where I get work done and make sure I have time for housework, errands, and the gym.

My main issue is getting up and getting shit done, basically.  I tend to stay up later-ish and sleep in.  I can balance what I need to do on this schedule, but now that it’s colder and darker out, leaving the flat later in the day is tough.  Who really wants to go out in the cold and the rain?

So my plan for tomorrow and this weekend is coming up with a schedule, planning it out and making up a calendar of what I am doing and when.  Otherwise I worry I won’t get anything done and I’ve already wasted plenty of time wasting time.

How do you plan out your life if you work from home or are a student?  Any tips/websites/links/calendars you use?

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