Saturday musings

Boston Red Sox fans, can you believe its been 8 years since this?



Today was a busy day.  Well busy for me!  Steph, Kirsty and I went to see the Rangers play at Ibrox Stadium.  It was my first (UK) football game.  In fact, I’ve never even been to a (US) football game.  Except this time in high school when Annette and I went to a L-S game.  I don’t even really remember WHY we went nor do I remember seeing the game!

It was a good time and the Rangers won 2-0.

I am exhausted now.  For some reason sitting and watching teams play makes me sleepy.  The same thing always happened whenever I’d go see the Red Sox.  I’d get home and be sore and tired.  Weird.

Tomorrow I have a plan to hit the gym, run a few errands, and hopefully get caught up on my stats reading.  I’ve been reading cyber bullying articles all week, as they require far less brain power to comprehend.  I also (finally) got caught up on typing up all 100 pages of handwritten notes.

My life, so glamourous I tell you.  Ha!

Here are some pics that I took today of the emerging foliage.  Or just the one, since I didn’t realize how crap they came out.




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