October 27th

I can’t believe it’s been 8 years since . . .

2004 World Series final out        (I only wish I knew why embeds aren’t working on my site)

In that moment, the awful moments that had occurred previously in 2004 (for me) were non existent.  It was such a great moment, that even 8 years later, I don’t really have words for it.

The next morning (not that I actually slept) I headed to work via Sports Authority to get my World Series tshirt.  There was no way I was going to work without one.  When I finally got there and went out to get my students, they went wild, jumping up and down and shouting like it had just happened moments ago.  They were thrilled, I was close to tears, and everyone else out there must have thought we were nuts.  But they were happy and exhausted (everyone was at that point, I mean everyone I knew was running on at max, 4 hours of sleep a night since the ALCS began).

I think the best moment was when C’s brother came up to me and shook my hand.  He was a Yankee fan, and wanted to congratulate me.  I found it funny, since it wasn’t like I was out there pitching, but it showed a lot of class in my eyes.

There was this thread on Sons of Sam Horn, called Win It For.  There’s a book, with many of the wishes of Red Sox Nation spelled out, 86 years of sadness and tears.  Mine happened to make the cut.

“Win it for my Pa. He died in 1988, and I have many memories of him on the porch of his home in Wareham, listening to the game, beer and cigarette in hand.

Win it for my Nana and Aunt Dotty.  They both succumed within a week of each other, to cancer this summer.  They leave behind a legacy of Sox fans.  Such Sox fans indeed, that we tried to encourage my uncle to go the game the night of the funeral, to try to take his mind off things.

Win it for (AO, SF, DH, JR, MA, and AJ) my six Sox fan students who have followed my emotional highs and lows of the post season.  They have been great in keeping me sane, and from yelling too much at the 22 other Yankee fans in the classroom.

Win it for yourselves.  Win it for each other.  Win, celebrate, and rejoice.”


8 years later, it’s still just as magical.  And no one can take that feeling away.



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