Where life takes you

There hasn’t been much working out lately, real hard workouts that is.  I have been getting in activity with walking and housework.  I’ve just been in such a funk, in a weird place that I can hardly get motivated to get my uni work done, never mind go to the gym. It doesn’t help I keep missing out on booking into spin classes!

Hopefully that changes this week.

I’m excited for the next fitness blogger challenge that starts on 1st November, hosted by Lisa!  I’ve had a hard time coming up with something to say lately, especially when I’m busy doing things outside of fitness.

In other things in my life. . . It’s weird where life takes you.  When I finished my undergrad (1997), I wanted to do more work in Sociology, but also wanted to eat and pay rent.  My experience in running the computer labs at Clark was more promising in terms of job experience, and actual available jobs.

Today, when I signed the register for lecture it said Corliss, C (Doctor of Phil Soc) Ph.D Education.  Its come full circle and at the end of this journey I’ll be able to teach at the primary, secondary, and collegiate level, do research, and still have enough computer knowledge and expertise to help someone connect to their printer.  🙂


I hope everyone on the east cost of the US is safe and sound!  🙂

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