October goal recap

I made some relatively easy goals for October.  However, setting goals is easy.  Following up on them- not so much.

So my goals for October were:

1. Do my research.

Well, I did get all my notes typed up (all 100+ pages) and I’ve read a few new articles.  However, I haven’t met with my advisor, I haven’t really done much IMO.  Grade: D

2. Keep up on Statistics reading and work

Yeah, no.  Just didn’t happen.  I get the broad concepts, but the formulas, etc just make me batty.  And I’m 2 weeks behind on the labs.  Grade: F

3. Workout 3-4 times a week.

Well I did make sure I got at least 3 walks/workouts in each week.  They weren’t really super awesome or anything.  I did spend several days in agony with a headache and then a UTI, so there was that, but that is no excuse for not working out harder.  I’m grading myself a B- b/c I did actually DO what I said I would, but I know I could be better.

4. Enjoy my birthday.

Yeah, that didn’t happen either.  I had a terrible headache all night/day of my birthday, made it through halfway of my lecture, and then headed home to bed.  I didn’t go out or do anything special, which was fine.  I just didn’t feel well enough.  Steph did make me a nice dinner that weekend so that was nice, but the birthday day, just sucked.  And it didn’t help that I got NO help from neuro #7 afterward.  Grade: D

I hope that whatever goals I set for November I can actually STICK to them.  Perhaps I will post them to my mirror so that they are visible.  Might make it easier to stick to if I know what I am sticking to!  🙂

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