November goals

Since the past 2 months worth of goals have been a wash, I have tried to come up with goals I can actually stick to.  I decided on one fitness goal, two blog goals, and one uni/research goal.

1. Go to spinning class at least once a week.  This should not be difficult.

2. Do another review or be able to do a giveaway on my blog.  I’d love to review new gym gear.  I’m down to one pair of gym capris and sports bra.  The other gym pants I own are too big!  (It’s a good thing, but isn’t helpful when you don’t want to do laundry after each gym visit.)

3. Do the November health/fitness blogger challenge daily.

4. Go to the office at least once a week.


What are your goals for November?

If you are a smaller traffic blogger, how have you been able to get products to review?  This is really new to me and I am excited but nervous!

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