Day 2: Strategies to keep the holiday pounds at bay

In today’s November Health/Fitness blogger challenge we’re challenged to come up with 5 strategies that you are using to keep the holiday pounds away.

Here are mine.  🙂

1. Live in a country that your family doesn’t live in.   This way you don’t have to avoid the stuffing, as you can’t actually be there.  😉

2. Turn down social invites that involve food and/or drink.  Again, this one is easy for me as I don’t actually have a social circle.

3. If I want a Gingerbread Latte, I have to walk to it.  And home from it.  And then some.

4. Stop begging my flatmate to make pumpkin bread/gingerbread/hot cocoa.  Or at least have her lie to me about the calorie content.  😉

5. And an actual serious tip, maintain my current (if not step up) my workout schedule.  It should at least offset my Gingerbread Latte habit.  😉


What are you doing this season to offset any holiday weight gain?

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  1. 03/12/2012 / 03:22

    My junior year of college I attended the University of London and we made Thanksgiving turkey for anyone who wanted to show up. It was pretty fun. And they tuned us in to Guy Fawkes Day 🙂


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