Day 4: Share your favorite clean eating breakfast recipe

In today’s health/fitness blogger challenge the challenge of the day is to share your favourite clean eating breakfast recipie.

I’m not a cook.  My idea of cooking is boiling some water and adding pasta to it once it has boiled.  So I do not really have any recipes   Most of the time for breakfast I have coffee, lean bacon, and eggs.  Other times I have fat free or low fat Greek yogurt with honey and pumpkin.

I’d love to hear other’s easy recipes that are quick to make and that even I could not screw up!  🙂


What is your favourite clean eating breakfast recipe?

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  1. 04/11/2012 / 21:48

    lately my favorite is oatmeal mixed with pumpkin (from a can) and almonds or walnuts. I also love egg, kale, tomato and cheese omelette.

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