Day 5: 3 tips to improve your workout

In today’s health/fitness blogger challenge the challenge of the day is to share 3 tips to improve your workout.

1.  Go to the gym and workout, even when you aren’t feeling it.  I need to practice what I preach here (even though I have been getting in my fair share of walking in).

2. When doing cardio, HIIT it!   I love spinning for that, as it incorporates sprints in the workout and always pushes me to work harder RPM and mileage-wise.

3. Make sure you strength train.  I am really not a fan of it, but I know I need to do it.  It’s important for overall health.


What are your 3 tips?

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  1. Lisa Traugott
    06/11/2012 / 22:26

    You definitely have to be in it to win it! And I need to practice what I preach too, especially when it comes to diet.


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