Day 7: Fitness Pet Peeves

In today’s health/fitness blogger challenge the challenge of the day is to share your fitness pet peeves.

1.  Not re-racking your weights.  This drives me mad.  If you load up the barbell, then you better damn well put the plates away when you are done.  I have better things to do with my time than to re-rack 80kg worth of plates before I even begin my own workout.

2. Passive-agressive staring.  Yes I know, I’m a woman in the weights area.  I know you may not be used to seeing many women in that area, but there is no reason to stare.  If you want to know how long I am going to be, use your voice and ask.  I won’t bite.  Unless you don’t re-rack your weights.  Then I will be a royal bitch and tell you to clean up after yourself.

3. Deodorant.  Use it.  Enough said.  (This mostly goes for the people that sit near me during lecture, but also goes for the gym.)


What are your fitness pet peeves?


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