Five for Friday- what I’ve been up to this week

So far this week I’ve only really blogged in regards to the health/fitness challenge for November.  I have been busy doing other things too!

1.  I got a (seasonal) job!  

I had the interview yesterday, and got offered the job today!  I’m excited.  It will be nice to have a small income to help pay for Christmas gifts and give us a little cushion until I get my next set of student loans.  I’ll be working at one of my favourite stores in the UK and will be working 3 days a week.

2. I met with my advisor.

We’ve got a plan to get things done and hopefully get my research started.  (I haven’t heard back from any schools yet, so we needed a new plan of attack.)

3.  I filed the complaint against neurologist #7.

I submitted a letter to the complaint service of the NHS regarding how poorly I was treated.  I certainly hope that they take what I said under advisement and that I can get treatment soon.  I am tired of living in constant pain.

4. I got (some) reading done.

Not a lot, and not enough, but some.  And I still have all this evening and this weekend!

5. I used my Groupon and got a manicure.

I finally used one of my Groupons and got a manicure!  It’s shellac, so it will last 2 weeks and it’s a lovely colour too!  🙂

How was your week?

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