Never Tear Us Apart

It all started here for me. . .


Actually, hold on.  That’s not right.

It all started in 7th grade in Framingham, MA where I grew up.  Watching these videos, I was hooked.



Then for Christmas, my dad got me their entire back catalogue (on cassette) as well as a tshirt.  (Maybe my sister can scan the picture of me on Christmas day in my INXS tshirt, plaid shirt, and ripped leggings.  And the bad perm.  Don’t forget the bad perm.

I even convinced my dad to rent me Dogs in Space.  Little did I know that it was pretty much porn, so once my dad walked in on about 30 seconds into it, the video was out of the VCR I’m shocked he didn’t break it! I’ve actually never seen it, and it’s probably a good thing.  Right?

Moving on. . . as time passed I had other interests, but was saddened to hear the news of Michael Hutchence’s suicide when I got home from work in November of 1997.  I remember calling my mum in disbelief.  At the time there were so many stories surrounding his death, and it was just so sad, and still is.

Years later now, and we can go back to the beginning of my story.  I’m not big on reality telly, but when Lauren said she had an extra ticket to see JD Fortune as the new head of INXS in February of 2006, well who was I to turn down a free ticket to see a band I loved as a teen.

Once I saw JD, I was done for.  I was in lust.  We weren’t able to get tickets to the Boston show, but we did manage to get tickets for the following show at Mohegan Sun in CT.

I even managed to win a contest through a local radio station and was able to go to a lunch meet and greet with JD Fortune.  It didn’t work out (in meeting him) but it was a day to remember.  (Really, who gives a rock star a resume anyways?)


I went on to see them in concert several more times including a 2 week INXS fest where I saw them in London, Ontario as well as Kitchener, and then back in the USA in Bridgeport, CT, Radio City Music Hall in NYC, and then a few hours later on the Today Show.  (in fact if you watch the video from that day you can see Lauren and I!)


The Canada trip was a trip of a lifetime with a group of amazing women.  (I’ll never forget the ho board, and the awful milkshake song endured while we tried to win signed pics.)  There was a lot of alcohol, little sleep, shooters, and tattoos with Hot Bert.  Memories of a lifetime were made in Canada.  I got to talk to Andrew Farriss and thank him for his lyrics.  And he held my hand!  It was a dream come true.

And some hysterical pictures were taken.  (Fuck off, eh?)

And amazing memories were made.

And a fucking HUGE bag of popcorn!  (I really should have gotten a picture of that!)

Words can not do justice to explain the ridiculous fun that was had, nor the alcohol that was consumed.  Please, take my word for it.  Gatorade and vodka.  Just don’t.  Please.  You will thank me.

I was very lucky to be able to see INXS one more time in the summer of 2011.

So while it was a bit of a shock, it was not a huge surprise to have read this tweet Sunday.



And saddened to read this article today.

I shall leave you with this.  “Don’t change for you, don’t change for me.”




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