Day 14: How do you maintain self discipline?

In today’s health/fitness blogger challenge the challenge of the day is to discuss how you maintain self discipline.

Ummmm, yeah.  I am NOT the poster child for self discipline right now.  I had a piece of shortbread for breakfast (I was really running late for my first day of work) and when I got home we very belatedly celebrated my birthday/new job with ice cream cake.

I think I would have to say right now that self discipline means moderation in everything.   In eating, working out, school, work.  I am suddenly very busy with school, my research, an assignment, and my holiday job.  Not to mention taking care of the flat and making sure Molly is healing well after her being “fixed.”

Right now I am focusing on maintaining balance in everything.  I learned today that I do NOT function well on 6 hours of sleep and I am very glad that my work shift isn’t until the afternoon.  I don’t think I’d manage a morning shift right now; I have a hard time falling asleep early to get up early, since I am used to getting up later and going to bed later.  I’m also trying to figure out where/when to fit in working out and may be switching to a closer gym to make it that much easier to fit it in.

With everything going on, I just need to remember that good, nourishing, healthy food is best, and that occasional fun things like surprise belated birthday cake is fine, but maybe I should lay off the gingerbread lattes for the next few days.  😉


How do you maintain self discipline?


  1. 14/11/2012 / 20:43

    that is great! I think we are all in about the same situation when it comes to self discipline! Balance is definitely important!

  2. 18/11/2012 / 02:57

    I am a firm believer that birthday cake has zero calories.

    Happy birthday!

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