November health/fitness challenge catch up days 15-18

I’m so behind!  I am totally catching up with the past few days of the challenge.

  1. (day 15) Today is the Great American Smoke Out.  What are some bad habits you got rid of or are working towards fixing?

    Right now my worst habit is not eating a good breakfast on days I have to get to uni/work.  I’d rather have more time to sleep on these days rather than get up and cook something.  (Granted, Steph usually does the cooking when we are both home, and there is no reason for her to get up early to cook me breakfast when I need to get out the door.  So I’ve got some yogurt and protein powder and I’m going to try to bring my yogurt or make a protein shake before I leave so I’m not eating crap for breakfast on busy days.
  2. (day 16) What are some unexpected benefits of a healthy lifestyle you discovered?

    After struggling with lower back pain for YEARS (I saw a chiropractor for several years once or twice a week trying to alleviate it, which did work) I found that weight lifting has helped the pain somewhat. (One hip is slightly higher than the other, and I can’t do anything about how my bones are LOL!)

  3. Which music style/band/song motivates you the most?

    Ummmm, that’s a good question.  I guess if I want to get something done, I want something fast with a good beat.  I need to give this one some more thought!

  4. How do you reward yourself when you achieve a fitness goal?


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