Day 19: What’s your favourite fitness technology?

In today’s health/fitness blogger challenge the challenge of the day is to talk about your favourite fitness technology.

If you know me, you know I’m permanently attached to my iPhone.  Like seriously.  Even when I only had wifi service at when I was back home it was always with me.  To the point that I was banned from using it if I was going to watch telly with my dad.  (COME ON I need to live tweet Homeland!)  In fact, my sister and I would be known to text/Facebook each other in the same room just to get him going.  (Ha!  Love you dad!)

In regards to my favourite fitness app, well I can actually give y’all a few.

1. GymPact.  For the iPhone and I think now on Android.  Basically you set up how many times you want to work out each week, and if you keep to your pact, you get money! (If you don’t you lose money.)  I’ve been using it for months and I’ve only had to pay out once.  Now that you can link it to Runkeeper, it makes it WAY easier for me to keep my pact.  (Especially right now when I am balancing uni and my p/t job!)  Now I just make sure I get 3 30 minute brisk walks in or 3 trips to the gym (or any combination thereof).

2. Runkeeper– I can track my walks/runs/etc with Runkeeper!  It tracks how far you go, etc and you can track your progress with it as well.

3. iSmoothrun– is an app that links up with Runkeeper/Daily Mile, as well as others.  This way I don’t have to run multiple apps or remember to manually input my workouts to other services I use.

I’ve used plenty of other apps in the past as well (including Couch to 5K, which is great BTW!) but I’d love to hear your favourite apps!  Share in the comments!

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