Winter is here

This is what the sidewalk outside my flat looks like.

Nothing says fun like a non-gritted sidewalk.  :

It’s been pretty cold for about a week now; there’s been rain, sleet, and snow.

Yesterday we went to the German Christmas Market in Edinburgh.  It was cold.  There was snow.  And I had an alcoholic beverage with bonus allergic reaction.  (I really need to get re-re-tested. It was the second time in as many days I had a reaction to something.) (I had no idea where Amaretto came from, but whether it’s almonds or apricots, I’m screwed.)

But it was very pretty.  🙂

Today I got a bit of work done and then got my hair did.  🙂

I just hope the new highlights hold up to the harsh lights at work tomorrow!  🙂

I also got a letter back from the NHS.  They are still in the process of reviewing the complaint on neuro #7.  I really hope they get this straightened out because I *really* need some treatment/pain relief/ending of this never ending headache.

I have some more work to do and then I need to hit the hay.  I work the next three days and I need to be well rested.


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