A neurology update

Had I actually had the time this morning to write this, it would have probably sounded like a rant given by Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction; entirely filled with profanity.  I’ve calmed down (some) now, but I am still royally pissed off.

After the last neuro visit, I wrote a letter of complaint.  I felt mistreated, blown off, and was called fat, pretty much.  (I’m not debating the fact that I am indeed, overweight.  However, I do not believe it was within the scope of the consult.)

Basically I got a letter saying while the “customer” patient is always right, you’re not.  The reason weight was brought up was b/c of a condition that can develop if you are overweight.  HOWEVER, had this neurologist or the people writing this letter had bothered to actually READ over my medical records they would have discovered I had actually been tested for the pseduo-tumor cerebri in a very extensive manner.   It was also explained that the NHS tries to take a holistic approach about it all and that is why my weight was brought up.

Well, if that was the case why hasn’t my GP discussed it with me?  You know why?  Because they ask the right questions.  They asked me about activity levels, etc and well despite the recent lapse in gym attendance, I had been working out regularly and despite this stupid never ending fucking headache I’m in very good health.

They also explained why the subsequent follow up visit wasn’t required.  They said it may not be needed.   And if it were to be needed, they would re-refer me.  RE-REFER ME!!!!!  So, another 3-6 months would go by without me having treatment once again.  How exactly is that helpful?

So basically filing a formal complaint was a waste of my time.  I plan on going to see my GP and discussing this with her, and hopefully coming up with some sort of plan.  At this point I have pretty much given up on neurologists.  Right now I just want some relief from the never ending pain.  Seriously.  It is very difficult to stare at a computer doing research with a blinding headache.  It isn’t easy to go to work with a pounding head either.  However, I’ve sucked it up for long enough and I deserve better.  I really tired of this and I just want to be believed and have someone in my court batting for me.

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