December goals in review

Merry Christmas or happy Tuesday!  I hope that you all got what you wanted under the Christmas tree, and if you aren’t celebrating that you’re enjoying a restful day.


Molly likes the tree a bit too much.  She is forever trying to climb it!

I got presents!  (Still forever a kid!)

The shoes are called Holmes!  Love them! (I should have taken a pic of them, eh?)

I was thinking how I needed to do a year in review and talk about my goals for this year and whatnot and realized I didn’t make any new years resolutions for 2012.  I did make some for December, so let’s see how I did.

1. Maintain my weight, if not lose.

Done.  A++ for me 🙂

2. Pick a new gym.

Well, the new gym opened around the corner from us, but the price didn’t go down.  £37/month is a bit ridiculous IMO.  I need to check out the Glasgow Gym near us to see if they have what I am looking for as they have a good deal for the new year.  I’m hoping to do that tomorrow or Saturday, depending on what else I have going on.  (Pending)

3. Finish my stats assignment on time.

Done 2 days early, as I had to have it done before the due date b/c of work.  I never said it was done *well,* however.  So A+++

4. Get my knee checked out.  (I’ve been putting this off for months b/c busy/lazy/schedule conflicts.

This is the only thing I didn’t do.  Mainly because it’s been feeling fine, and because once again scheduling conflicts have been in play.  If it’s still bothering me in the new year I will go right away as I won’t have any reason not to.

Right now I’m relaxing, the turkey is in the oven and Doctor Who and Downton are in my future.  Have a great Christmas!


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