Day 6: Embarrassment

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.

Considering my life is a comedy of errors, coming up with something that is embarrassing should not be so hard.  I mean really.  I knocked over an entire display of hair dryers, just last month.  I’m still waiting for the CCTV clip to show up on YouTube.

So it should be of no surprise to you when I share that I knocked a sink clear out of the wall.  Not on purpose. If this had happened in the era of smart phones I am sure my horror and humility would have gone viral in seconds.  Luckily I was 10.  And smart phones came in a suitcase.


So anyways, my BFF Annette and I were on a Girl Scout skiing trip.  I think we were 10.  Or around that age.  It really doesn’t matter.  We were in the bathroom brushing our teeth or something and I happened to be talking to her, and sort of half leaned, half sat on the sink.  The next thing we knew the sink was on the floor.  Yeah.  Go me.

Luckily my shame was short lived due to the squirrel in the cabin.  (I really hope that that was the same trip, or I’m really going to be embarrassed.)

Until next time, which luckily for you, will be in about 10 minutes when I write up today’s post.

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