Last night’s #fitblog questions

I really, really wanted to stay up for last night’s #fitblog, but 2 am is a bit late for me nowadays.   Here are what would have been my responses.

Q1) What are your fitness goals or resolutions for 2013? 

-Lose weight.  Duh. I don’t have a set number, as I find that sets me up for failure.

-Workout at least 3 times/week.

-Find someone who will help me in dealing with these headaches.  I am tired of being blown off/told it’s because I’m fat (it’s not, it’s really not the cause), so I can move on with the rest of my life.

Q2) What is important to you in fitness gear – function, fashion, both? And what is your favorite item you own that you couldn’t live without?

Both, I guess.  I’d like whatever I’m wearing to be functional but not look awful.

Q3) What fitness item did you not get on your holiday list that you plan on buying for yourself in 2013? Or did you receive everything on your wish list?

I didn’t get any fitness items so I am looking forward to getting another pair of workout capris once my loan money comes in.  I’d like to get a Fitbit or something of the like, but I am not 100% sure about that right now.

Q4) What race do you plan on signing up for or have signed up for in 2013?

 I’m looking to find a 5K here in Glasgow for the spring/summer.  The main issue I have with races here is that it tends to be wet and/or cold no matter what and I hate being wet and cold.  I’m such a wuss that way.

It was back to the gym today and I had no trouble with the bench pressing and dead-lifting  but I can’t squat worth a damn.  My knee/hip issues are preventing me from having a complete range of motion so I need to do lots of stretching and foam rolling, and hopefully getting to see a chiropractor ASAP.

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