So why the change?

If you’ve been reading my blog (well my old blog) at all, you know I’ve had the neopyhtegirl trademark so to speak for a long time, about a decade.  The name really meant something to me at that time.

And now?

Well, now, it just reminds me of a time in my life that I really need to move away from and stop thinking about.   It’s the past.  And it’s time it stayed that way.  Well, as much as I can.

I’ve been told that to succeed or to get what you want, you need to be what you want.  For me, that needs a new “brand,” a new image, a new blog name.

So here I am.  I love to sleep.  I love spinning, and I’m working hard at my research.

Please, continue to follow me on my attempts in almost getting it together.

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