Day 19: Superpowers

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.

I’m writing this from a nest I’ve made on my couch.  I’m watching Life on Mars (UK version obviously) and am cuddling with a hot water bottle.  I had things to do, and things I *wanted* to do, but my cyst pain had other ideas.

That combined with this headache I’ve had for seven years, I’d like to have the superpower to not feel any pain (unless it’s to let my body know something is really, really super wrong, like appendicitis.)

I’m pretty much over this whole being in pain thing TBH.  I’n going to the GP Monday and hope I can get help/answers, because I really need to move on with my life.

If I had to pick another superpower, I’d like one where I could eat unlimited custard creams without gaining a pound.   That would really be miraculous.  And super.

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