Day 22: Kids

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.


I’ve always wanted kids. However, as I rapidly approach 40, I realise that it is less and less likely. While I was teaching, it didn’t seem as urgent since I was around kids all the time. I also wasn’t expecting a huge life change like going to Scotland to do my Ph.D.

I also didn’t expect I’d still be single at 37. I always figured that by 30 I’d be married, white picket fence, kids on the way, while I won teacher of the year, and be adored world wide.

I didn’t expect to have crippling social anxiety that has drastically changed my quality of life.

I didn’t expect my life to not work out the way I imagined it. But then, who does?

I’m not saying that it is bad the way things are not, just different. I still hold out some hope that I will meet Benedict Cumberbatch the man of my dreams, and get my house with the picket fence with kiddos.

So just in case I will take my prenatal vitamins (maybe I can find some like Katrina’s ). Gummy vitamins make everything better, right?

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