Day 23: Dessert

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.

I love dessert.  It’s one of my favourite things!  I generally try to find something good and healthy and tasty to satisfy my sweet tooth, and if I can’t, I generally brush my teeth or chew a piece of gum.

Last night I decided to try something new.  I attempted to bake cookies.  If you know me, I can hardly make pasta without it becoming a a federal case.  Now that I’m attempting to go as Paleo as possible, dessert is a bit more challenging.   Most Paleo desserts use nuts or nut flours in them, which I can’t have.  So I took this recipe and altered it so that it hardly resembled cookies, but ended up somewhat edible.

I used maize flour instead of almond flour, mainly because it looked nicer than the potato flour (which was my other option).  I didn’t use coconut flour b/c 1. I didn’t have any, and 2. I’m not sure I can have it, and 3. I really dislike coconut.  I couldn’t find maple syrup, so I used golden syrup, and I couldn’t find chocolate chips that actually were made WITH chocolate, so I took half a bar of 85% dark chocolate and chopped it up.  (Note how these substitutes aren’t really Paleo at all, but I live in a city where health food is not abundant on every corner, sadly.)

Result: The cookies basically tasted like slightly sweet cornbread with chocolate.  It was weird, but ok.  I wish I had taken a picture of them last night, but maybe it’s best that there isn’t any photographical evidence of their existence.

I think I might stick to Greek yogurt.

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  1. 23/01/2013 / 22:45

    Paleo and sweets just seem odd to me unless it’s something more fruit based. Or if you were to try something bizarre, which would involve trusting me and just believing something is paleo and doesn’t contain things you’re allergic to… but not asking anything else.

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