Day 25: Love

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.

Love is a complicated business.  I thought I had the real deal once.   It was hard and complicated and stressful.  I worked hard; I even went to therapy to see if I was the one who was really the problem (in hindsight, I was a bigger problem than I thought I was).  Instead of facing my fears and working hard, I ran, and made a huge mistake.

I thought I was in love then too.  And I am sure I was, at some point.  If you are in love and in a relationship, you shouldn’t have to fear your partner.  You shouldn’t have to try to change your partner.  You shouldn’t have to be someone who you are not to keep your partner with you.  You shouldn’t have to compromise your beliefs because you are in love.

One of these days I hope to be in love again.  I hope that when and if I do find love, that I will be smarter this time around.  I hope I will listen to my gut instinct if I feel something isn’t right.  I hope I will make wise decisions.

I hope that there is still a chance for me to find love, even after all these years.

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