This week’s workouts

It’s been a slow workout week, sadly. After having the cyst pain/UTI fun weekend and early part of the week I’ve been going at it a bit easy. Sitting on a spin bike hasn’t been quite my idea of fun yet, so I won’t be going to class until Sunday.

I’ve started the New Rules of Lifting for Women this week and found that the weight portion of it was not overly difficult since we started with lower weights since we were doing higher reps.

I started with Workout B Wednesday, since the day we were to start on, I still wasn’t feeling mobile.

2 sets of 15 at 30kg (66 lbs)

Dumbbell shoulder press
2 sets of 15 at 6kg (13 lbs)

Wide grip lat pulldown
2 sets of 15 at 25kg (55 lbs)

2 sets of 15 at 6kg (13 lbs)

Swiss ball crunch
2 sets of 8 with a 6 kg (13 lbs) dumbbell

2013-01-23 18.58.28


I felt a little sore afterwards, and was sore a bit yesterday.  I put on my new compression socks, which helped.  I wish I could have fun ones, like the ones from Pro Compression, like these, but they don’t seem to ship to Scotland.  🙁

I wanted to go to spinning yesterday,  but had other commitments so instead I cleaned the house, including scrubbing and bleaching a part of my bedroom wall which was covered in mold.  Ew.  So much ew.  I put on my heart rate monitor to make it feel more like a workout.

2013-01-24 17.44.09


The cleaning was in part due to the fact that we were having someone come to get an estimate on the mold/water issues in the bathroom.  It’s really, really gross.  When the guy came today he pulled up the bathroom floor and the flooring beneath it literally crumbled in his hand and was black and gross.  I really hope they decide on someone to do the repair work and get it done ASAP.  They are pretty much going to have to renovate the entire bathroom, remove the tub, floor, fix the walls, everything.

Tomorrow I’m going to yoga and will try to get some cardio in too.

Now, dinner time.  Baked chicken and a sweet potato.  Yum.

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