Day 26: Winter/Summer

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.

While it may be winter here in Scotland, I honestly don’t dress all that differently than I would on most summer days here.  (Minus the heavy scarf.)

photo (1)

Last August I was wearing my Uggs and North Face Denali, which I wear most days in the winter unless it is raining.  In the winter I wear my super waterproof winter furry boots to stay warm. (Does anyone know where my Apple Bottom jeans are?)

2012-11-12 11.53.16

In the summer, there are the occasional warm days when I can go for a walk in just a t-shirt.  Sometimes I can even go to the beach. (And only need one extra hoodie.)

2012-05-23 14.13.37

Not that it stops me from jumping head first into the icy Atlantic.  You only live once.  🙂

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