Day 30: Your biggest flaw

This post is in conjunction with the January blog a day challenge.

But before I talk about that, check out my new header!  Maren from Maren’s Blog designs has done a fantastic job and I am so excited to have a new look for my “new” blog!


So . . . . my biggest flaw.  Hmmmm how do I pick just one?

I am ALWAYS early.  ALWAYS.  It doesn’t matter if it is a doctor appointment or spinning class.  I’m early.  By 15-45 minutes give or take.  And it drives me nuts when people are late.  People who know me and who keep me waiting end up feeling bad because they know I’m like WTF, if I say 1 I really mean 12:30.

I get it from my dad.  Whenever we went anywhere as a family he and I were always ready first, ready to go.  If he said we were leaving at 10, about 9 or so he and I would be at the front door pacing back and forth while my mom and sister were asleep/in the shower/drinking coffee.  It always worked better when it was just he and I because we were always on the road earlier than we needed to be.

However, while it may workout for me to be early for things, it can bite me in the ass.  A few weeks ago I was waiting for a doctor appointment, and I was 45 minutes early.  (Mainly because 1. I had to take the subway and walk, and I wasn’t 100% sure of where I was going), 2. I wasn’t sure if I needed to do paperwork, and 3. it was raining and it seems to take longer for everything in the rain).  Of course I was early, and the doctor got stuck in traffic and was a half hour late, which meant I was waiting a long time.

I suppose I could have worse flaws, and I don’t mean to be so punctual, I just am.  🙂

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