Sorry for the radio silence

. . . but I’ve been a bit ill as of Friday evening.  I’m finally feeling a little bit better now, and have graduated from my bed to the couch.  I’m still pretty weak and tired, which sucks, but hopefully tomorrow I might actually leave the flat.

The only benefit from being ill; I’ve lost 10 pounds since Friday.  The downside is that I’ve gotten nothing accomplished and I’ve had to miss spinning and cancel some appointments.   We also just got a food delivery in, and I hate not being able to eat some of the fresh veggies I got.  🙁  I’ve also really realized how horrible my mattress is.  My back is killing.

I hate that it takes me so long to recover from these types of illnesses, and it’s usually why in the past I’ve ended up in the ER for fluids and ridic amounts of meds to keep whatever nutrients were left in me.

Hopefully I will be back to normal by midweek as I have a meeting and things to get done.


How was your weekend?  I hope it was better than mine!


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