Still not 100%

It’s been nearly a week now, and I still feel not 100%.  I feel well enough to do most things, I just have next to no appetite.  I’ve managed a protein shake today, crackers, and some Scottish crumpets.  I had a terrible stomach ache before my meeting, and didn’t really want to eat anything heavy at all.

I wanted to go lift tonight, but given the little I’ve managed to eat over the past few days I didn’t think it was wise.  I hope tomorrow I can start eating as close to normal as possible.  I want to get back on with my life.   I mean seriously, I haven’t had a cup of coffee since Friday- this is not like me at all!

Some good news: I met with a school today and they have agreed to take part in my research!  Horray!   1 down 5 (minimum) to go!


Who else has good news to share today?

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