Finding balance

Now that I am finally feeling better, I am trying to find a sense of balance of all the things that I need to do.  I need to get my research done.  I need to read more articles.  I need to type up notes.  I need to workout. I need to blog and promote my posts and find more opportunities.  I need to get the housework done.  I need to make sure Molly is cared for.  I need to get enough sleep.

How am I going to get it all done?  I get overwhelmed with all the things that *need* to be done, and end up just zoning out in front of the telly.

So how do I find balance?

1.  I make lists.

I make lists and then make lists about the lists.  I make plans each day about what needs to get done, what I’d like to get done, and what would be lovely to happen if I have all the time in the world.  Crossing things off gives me a sense of satisfaction of finally getting things accomplished.  Items crossed off my to do list today- 1.  🙁

2. I get enough sleep.

I probably get more sleep than the average person.  I need about 9 hours or so to feel good.  I spent so much time when I was working running on 6 hours or less that now that I get enough sleep, I feel SO much better.  Of course, on days where I have to get up really early for whatever reason I really feel it; I feel ill, anxious, and nauseous when I don’t sleep enough.  Coffee can only go so far.

3. I am making working out a priority.

Apart from most of this week (while I was recovering) I have really begun (again) to make working out a priority.  I’m lifting weights 3 times a week, trying for spinning twice, and yoga once.

Now that I have these three things managed (mostly) everything else is falling into place.  I’m getting up earlier, and going to bed earlier.  I’m eating better.  I have energy to get my work done.  I’m trying not to stress about the housework and the schoolwork.  I’m trying to make sure I take time to do things for me, like getting my nails done or a massage.

And hopefully with all of this, everything will start falling into place.


How do you find balance?

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  1. 09/02/2013 / 19:46

    I’m glad you feel like you’re getting a handle on balance. I feel like life makes us “have to” do too much in order to survive. Sometimes my greatest desire is to be a retired senior citizen who no longer craves sleep and has to actually find things to do to fill their days.

    Stopping in from SITS Saturday Sharefest

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