Fitness bucket list

There are a lot of things I’d like to try.  Some things I haven’t tried because of the cost (read Crossfit).  Some, are because I’m afraid to try and fail.  Some, are just because I haven’t been in a gym that had it available.  Most, I’m afraid I can’t do it; that I’ll be made fun of and laughed at. (I’m 37 and I am still afraid.)  I’ve decided to make a list and approach this as a check off list (I love lists) and try to accomplish all of them by 40. (That’s less than 3 years!  Eeek!)

1.  Crossfit.  This might not happen until after I’ve finished my PhD program, when I have a fabulous and high paying job (HA- I hope!).

2. Bikram Yoga.  I really, really want to try this.  I’m sort of put off of it since most of the classes I’ve found are 90 minutes and that seems like a REALLY long time to be in a hot room.  I’d love to find a trial class that is shorter to see if I can hack it.

3. Run a 10K or longer.  I’m one of those weird people who would rather run on the treadmill than run outside.  Running outside has so many extra challenges like weather and hills and people.  The treadmill lets me focus on running, not worrying about all the other things, and people.  I need to get past that if I want to run a longer race, and get proper gear for the Scottish climate!

4. Learn to ice skate.  I really would love to learn to ice skate proper.

5. Take another set of Pilates reformer classes.  I took Pilates reformer classes when I was in Boston and LOVED them.  I wish they had been cheaper so I could have kept up with it.

6. Take a Barre class.  I am not sure if there are any studios that carry these classes in Glasgow, but I will be finding out!


What’s on your fitness bucket list?


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