First World Problems

The first part of my Sunday went well.  I got some work done (I’ve started writing my literature review) and went and grabbed a cup of coffee at Tinderbox.  After a random lunch of tuna and oatcakes, I headed into the city for spinning class.

As usual I was my punctual self (read: 30 minutes early) and warmed up.  And kept warming up.  The instructor never showed, there was no note (I triple checked) and I couldn’t find anyone there to ask what was going on.   That really bothers me.  If you can’t make a class, either get someone to cover or cancel it and put a note on the door.  It is VERY unprofessional to just not show up.

After waiting around for 45 minutes I headed out and went to grab the bus (since the subway here stops running at 6 on Sunday).  The bus never came so I went to Queen St. train station to find that the trains were really, really delayed due to a passenger emergency on one of the trains.  So I was told to go to Central to get a train back.  I booked it there and made the train that was just about to leave.  Good thing I pretty much sprinted through the station!

So I spent nearly 3 hours gone for absolutely NOTHING.  I know, first world problems and all that, but it’s really frustrating to have things happen like that back to back to back.

In regards to my post on blogging bullies, I’ve sadly discovered it is much worse than I had known.  What I had read the other day was just the tip of the iceberg and I am really saddened and sickened that there are people out there who just spend all their days reading blogs and bullying them via their comments or writing about horrible bloggers are.  Has our society deteriorated to this low point or am I just that naive?

I have some cleaning to do, a little more writing, and then need to get to bed as I have to be on campus tomorrow.

How was your Sunday?

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