Beauty tip fail

Good morning Monday!

This is how my morning started.   Mmmm coffee!



I have a noon meeting, so I was up early to get into the office.  I would have been even earlier, but I had to wash my hair.

Why you ask?  See, last night I took a tip I read about using coconut oil as a hair mask.  What I did was coated my dry ends in it, wrapped it up in a plastic bag, and covered my head in a winter hat to 1. keep it on my head, and 2. keep it warm.  While I did that, I did a quick flat clean-up.

After I was done, I soaked in the tub and then washed my hair.  I must have not gotten all of the coconut oil out, even though I was pretty sure I had.  So I had to wash it again this morning.  However, my hair is really, really soft.  So, this is a great tip, but just make sure you really wash your  hair after.

My second fail, was while I was towel trying my hair last night.  I dye my eyebrows because they are so blonde grey and I’ve found that I look a bit better with darker brows, especially now that my hair is a bit darker.  I must have missed getting all of it off my forehead and I seem to have brow dye all over it.  So. Much. Fail.  Luckily my fringe is long enough to cover up the disaster that is my forehead  until I can try scrubbing it off when I get home.  So take a tip from me ladies, and make sure you’re not leaving the dye on your forehead accidentally.


Have a great Monday!

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