Grumpy Monday

I didn’t wake up in the best of moods today. I was woken up (as usual) by Molly around 7. I fed her, and usually she climbs back into bed with me after she’s eaten. However, today she decided to have a hyper after eating and began batting one of her many receipts around my room. (She is obsessed with receipts, I have no idea why.) Finally she moved out into the hall, but she didn’t stop, so I just gave up and shut my door.

I sort of woke up when Steph left, but I managed to fall back to sleep and finally got up at 11ish. I was really tired. I also woke up with a (worse than usual) headache, and my lower back was one big knot. Ugh. I got up and made a protein shake with instant coffee and got started with my day.

I was hungry pretty quickly for lunch so I heated up some leftover chicken and ate it with some cherry tomatoes and leftover popcorn. It was random, but good. I didn’t have any real plans for today. I had thought about going to spinning, but I knew after last week that this might not be a good idea with all the jumps involved. I also knew I needed to do the next workout for NROLFW, so I decided I’d go and do that, and then walk home, since it was beautiful out.

It wasn’t crowded so I got my lifting done, and then headed home.

  • Barbell Squat:
    • 20 kg x 6 reps
    • 30 kg x 10 reps (twice)
    • 40 kg x 10 reps
  • Seated Cable Row:
    • 45 kg x 10 reps (thrice)
  • Incline Push-Up:
    • 10 reps (thrice)
  • Dumbbell Step Ups:
    • 8 kg x 10 reps || 30 cm (+thrice)
  • Swiss Ball crunch
    • 20 reps (thrice

2013-02-25 15.05.50


2013-02-25 15.45.12


2013-02-25 15.55.32


As you can see it was really beautiful out today!  It was nice, but chilly and on my way back I stopped and got a London Fog from Beanscene.  Yum.

I got home and coated my back in Tiger Balm.  I had no intentions of moving until Steph said she would be home later than she had thought, which meant if I wanted dinner, I needed to go to Tesco.  I went and got some salad to go with my leftover turkey and some Feta cheese, and bacon for tomorrow morning.

I’m still grumpy and my back still hurts, but I’m not hungry, so there’s that.   I have a mid-day workshop tomorrow so I need to figure out my cardio for tomorrow.


How was your Monday?

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