Workout recap and this week’s workout plan

It’s been a busy week!

Sunday: rest
Monday: 3.6K walk and NROLFW Stage 1A
Tuesday: rest day (workshop at uni, lots of stairs though!)
Wednesday: 4K walk and NROLFW Stage 1B
Thursday: 3K walk
Friday: appx 5K walk and NROLFW Stage 1A
Saturday: rest (I did go for a walk, I just didn’t track it.)
Sunday: appx 5K walk and NROLFW Stage 1B (FINAL WORKOUT!)

I’m tired just reading about this past week’s workouts.   No wonder, it’s 7:30 and I’m ready for bed.

This week’s plan is as follows:

Monday: Spinning
Tuesday: weights and walking to and from the gym (weather dependent)
Wednesday: Spinning
Thursday: weights and walking to and from the gym (weather dependent)
Friday: rest day (?)
Saturday: yoga
Sunday:  Spinning

This plan isn’t set in stone.  I don’t have a lot going on this week- no workshops!  So I can be flexible in switching off days and workouts depending on getting work done at my office.  I may switch Wednesday and Friday’s rest day and workout, but it depends on how my body feels.  I am trying to walk more, including walking back and forth to the gym when it isn’t raining.  I don’t mind doing it when it’s nice, which it has been.  I do mind walking the 5K+ in the rain.  I don’t like to be wet or get my feet wet and I don’t like to carry extra things when I walk, so if it’s raining I will be taking the subway.

The only thing that sucks about the walking there and back is that it on top of the actual gym workout takes nearly 4 hours!  It takes about 50 minutes to get there (if there are no stops along the way) and any weight lifting workout takes around an hour or more (depending on how long it takes to wait for an olympic bar/squat rack/etc. )  However, it seems worth it when I see how many calories I’ve burned.

2013-03-01 16.52.48


I am also excited that NROLFW Stage 1 is done!  This week we’re going to go back and do some Starting Strength type workouts to see how we’ve progressed.  The following week will be a rest week from lifting and then we will begin Stage 2!

For now, I think a hot bath is in order while I listen to the Red Sox spring training game!



How many workouts did you get in last week?  Do you have any exciting workouts planned for this week?

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