New Rules of Lifting Stage 1-final results

I can’t believe I finally finished Stage 1!  I am looking forward to the new challenges that I will be facing in Stage 2, which I will be starting the week of March 18.


So the results:

  • Weight loss: 7lb
  • Hips & Waist: -2 inches each
  • Calf & under chest: -.5 inches each
  • Squat: starting: 15kg/33lb
    final: 50kg/110lb
    percentage increase=233%

  • Seated row:  starting: 18kg/40lb
    final: 59kg/130lb
    percentage increase=228%

  • Step up: starting: 8kg/17lb
    final: 12kg/26lb
    percentage increase=50%

  • Deadlift: starting: 20kg/44lb
    final 67.5kg/149lb
    percentage increase=237.5%

  • Dumbbell shoulder press: starting: 6kg/13lb
    final: 12kg/26lb
    percentage increase=50%

  • Lat Pulldown: starting: 18kg/40lb
    final: 47.3kg/104lb
    percentage increase=163%

  • Lunge: starting 6kg/13lb:
    final: 8kg/12lb
    percentage increase=33%

  • Swiss ball crunch: starting: no weight
    final: 12kg/26lb or 5kg/11lb medicine ball used with keeping arms straight

So numbers don’t lie.  I obviously made gains in Stage 1.  It is just really, really hard to get out of the “scale is the number that measures my success” mentality.  I think it would be different if I was actually seeing changes in my body in regards to muscle definition.  It’s hard when you keep checking online inaccurate calculators and even after all of this working out I’m still well over 50% body fat.  It’s hard not to be discouraged.  It’s really hard.  And it is SO, SO much slower this time around.  I’m not in my 20’s anymore and I know as I get older it’s only going to get harder and slower.  I just wish the scale and my clothes would show me a bit more progress so I could feel just a little bit better about all of this hard work.


Have you done NROLFW?  

How do you measure progress?

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