New PR!

Despite the fact I am still feeling low about my (lack of) progress/weight loss/etc, today I had a new PR at the gym!

Steph and I did a weights workout consisting of bench press, squats, and barbell rows.  Today I broke my record of 37.5kg/82lb on the bench press (which I was able to do a few times) to 40kg/88lb.  I even managed it in several sets, not just a one lift PR.  🙂  Next time I will go for 42 or 45kg and see how that goes.

Of course, after I did that I managed to sort of drop a 10kg plate on my finger.  It’s bruised and swollen now.  It also happens to be the finger I pinched in the gate to the rubbish bins last night.  I’ve iced it, but it still hurts.  🙁

Weights + walking to and from the gym.

2013-03-05 17.11.55


Now if only I could get gym accomplishments to show on the scale. . .


Any PR’s lately?

What’s your favourite lift?

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