Negative feedback or cyber bullying?

When you are in the working world,  you are most likely going to be faced with negative feedback and or constructive criticism.  Your boss may not like the amount of time you spend reading Twitter or catching up on Facebook.  Or like a long past boss of mine, the amount of times I had to pee in an hour (yet several people could go out at least once an hour for a nicotine fix).  Hydration is important.  I think carcinogens are a bit lower on the list.  I couldn’t win the argument no matter what and it caused workplace issues.  So finally I just shut up, but I still went to the bathroom when I wanted.  It wasn’t worth a UTI.

In the blogging world, you are faced with positive comments, constructive comments, negative comments, and spam.  You also could be faced with parody blog/Twitter/Facebook accounts, along with who knows what else.  The question is: is where do we draw the line?  Where is the line between criticism and cyber bullying?


For me personally, I find any type of criticism hard to take.  I’m sensitive.  I take it personally, even if it isn’t meant that way.  It takes me time to process, reflect, and move on.  If it is helpful I will accept it, and accept the help.  Because if someone is trying to help, that is one thing.  But if someone is hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, and isn’t offering anything but meaningless, hurtful drivel, then, to me that’s bullying.


How do you feel about negative feedback?


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