A platter of stuff

This post is going to be random.  You’ve been warned.

  • I haven’t really felt well this week- not sure why.  Anxiety + stress + mold + weather + idk.
  • My workouts have NOT gone to plan this week.  While I may like to make lists and plan everything out, planning things out a week in advance doesn’t always work for me.
  • Despite the above, I did get my nails done and got my hair cut and highlighted.  This meant getting up REALLY early (for me) 2 days in a row.  I didn’t sleep well either night, which meant I got less than 6 hours of sleep each night, which meant I felt terrible.  I find I feel really sick when I am not sleeping well, and it also exacerbates my anxiety to a really not good level.  And last night I had an awful stomach ache for no reason which didn’t help at all.  Ugh.

    Nails: OPI gel colour in Skyfall
    (don’t mind my swollen index finger, I dropped a 10kg weight plate on it on Tuesday.  It’s still swollen.
    2013-03-09 21.43.26
    No, I never smile in pictures.  I find my face twitches when I try to hold a smile (idk what’s wrong with me) and it makes my face look wrong.

    2013-03-09 12.17.09

  • I have a meeting at a school interested in participating on my research on Monday.  I’m excited, but I wish it wasn’t going to take more than an hour to get there.  :/
  • Tonight I am hoping to get a good night’s sleep so I can have the energy to spin tomorrow.

    How was your week?

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