Time management (and why I suck at it)

Today I attended a workshop on time management.  I was really looking forward to this one, in hopes it would give me tips and tricks to manage my time better, considering it seems to be the biggest hurdle I’ve been facing in working on my Ph.D.  I was hoping I’d get a check list of things I should be doing.  I was hoping for direction.

This was not the case.

What I learned at this workshop was that as much as I make lists and check them off, I apparently suck at time management.  How I managed to hold down a real job before must have been a miracle.  Or maybe, I just suck at being my own boss.   Maybe I am used to actual deadlines, timelines, schedules where I had to be somewhere at a certain time doing a certain thing.

What other Ph.D students do What I do (on average)
Wake up between 7-8 am Wake up between 10-11am
Go into the office & work from 9-5 Read blogs, eat breakfast, watch last night’s US tv shows, tweet, catch up on emails, clean, do laundry, etc
  Go to the gym, run errands, etc 1-6 (depending on spin class v. NROLFW)
Go home for dinner (I assume) Catch up on the internet/blogs/twitter etc
Back to work from 6-midnight Law and Order is on 5-7pm
  Dallas is on at 7pm
  Eat dinner around 8, do dishes, etc
  Move today’s to do list to tomorrow
  Read, listen to the Red Sox, sleep


Granted, this isn’t every day for me.  Some days I have to go into the office.  Some days I do have meetings.  Some days I have to lay in bed because my head hurts too much to move.  But more often than not, this is what my day looks like.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but it’s true.

And I wonder why I’m so behind.

Shit, I hope my supervisor never sees this.

I need to make a change.


Do you have time management issues?




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