A busy day!

Wow, what a day!

I was rudely awoken this morning by the Royal Mail delivering a package.  At 8:07 am.  I’m sorry, but that is just not acceptable.  I was dreaming and did NOT appreciate the wake up call knock.

I was able to fall back to sleep for a bit, and got up at 10.  I had a meeting at uni at 1, and I wanted to get some things done before.  I headed out, grabbed a latte, and headed into my office where I got some paperwork done, printed some things I needed, and did some email admin.

I then went to my meeting, which ended up being nearly 2 hours long!  I am SO excited about being a part of what the meeting was about, and I can’t wait to share it- but it’s kind of something I need to keep under my hat for a bit.

I finished up and headed to the gym.  I had planned on going home first before the gym, so I didn’t really have lunch.  I had a Twix.  I know, lunch of champions.  By the time the meeting was over, the cafeteria was closed and there were literally no options.  I can’t really bring food with me since there is no place to store it, and I am WAY too paranoid to let food sit on my desk, even if I had a cooler.   And sadly any kind of pre-packaged protein bar I can’t have b/c they all have soy in them.  If I am going to be in the office that long I will need to figure something out.

Anyways I hit the spin bike and did a 20 minute HIIT workout and then continued on for another 10 minutes.  I have a lot of things I need to get done still today, but I did want to get a workout in, considering all the spin classes today were booked already.  🙁

2013-03-13 16.40.31

2013-03-13 16.41.31


Not bad for a quick workout!

Tomorrow I may go into the office, I am not sure yet.  It depends on how much I get done tonight, and there are some other things I had planned for tomorrow.  I have it planned in to try a Kettlebells class in the afternoon, so that should be fun!


How was your Wednesday?  Anyone else have super secret awesome plans going on?

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