The ethics of blogging

As it sit here with my blended iced coffee with coconut milk (damn I miss cream) and catching up on my blog reading I’m kind of shocked at the attitudes of others lately.  I’m not really sure I am the right person to be blogging about this, but I am going to anyways.

As bloggers, I think we need to be accountable.  If you are being sponsored to write a post, you need to be clear about that across the board.  Katy Widrick has a great post about this, posted just last weekend.  So to be clear, unless I say otherwise, all posts are paid for by my student loans myself.  (I’m definitely open to writing reviews and being a product ambassadors, FYI)

If I see an idea or post type that I want to copy, I always credit the blogger who I got the idea from.  Caitlin at Healthy Tipping Point did one about what’s in her purse a few weeks ago, and I have one in my drafts, I just haven’t taken a decent picture of my tote yet.  Once I do, and I post it, I will be clear in posting that I got the idea from her.  Thanks Caitlin!

If I use pictures or graphics on my page, I always note the source, or direct link to the image unless I’ve taken it myself on my iPhone.  I haven’t bothered to watermark anything as of yet, because by and far my pictures are of flowers in Glasgow or of Molly, so I don’t think I have anything to worry about.



I am all for bloggers sharing ideas and working in collaboration.  I see lots of posts where bloggers meet up and hang out, go to events together and whatnot.  (Are you a blogger in Glasgow- call me, maybe?)  I am really excited to attend Write This Run so I can meet other bloggers in the UK.  While I am really not doing a lot of running lately (unless I’m running late or running for the subway) I hope to learn a lot from these bloggers.

The one thing that really sticks in my craw (is that really a thing, Cindy?) is bloggers calling out other bloggers anonymously in their posts in a not so nice way.  We all have flaws.  We all have issues and things in our lives that we may allude to in our posts, but never come out and say.  We may be brutally honest, and that takes a lot of courage.  We also may, from time to time, say something stupid.  I do it all the time.  But I would hope that if I did someone would comment/tweet/Facebook me and tell me, not write a passive-agressive post of their own alluding to something I said as stupid or ridiculous or whatever.  Because, in my eyes, that’s just another example of bullying/cyberbullying.

I think as bloggers we have such a great opportunity to do great things.  We can inspire others to be better people.  We can share information, ideas, and recipes.  We can walk/run/bike for charity and raise money for amazing causes.  We can encourage others as they lose weight/lift heavy/run marathons/to better themselves in all ways.

What we don’t need is to bring others down.



Thoughts and opinions?


  1. 16/03/2013 / 17:32

    Beautifully said. While I don’t think I’ve been passive aggressive, I was unkind in a couple of posts early on. I was still finding my footing and was doing the sarcastic humor thing. Those are the only posts I’ve written that have gotten any negative comments. I riled a few people up. And they didn’t feel right. They aren’t horrible, but they were unkind. I apologized afterward, in writing on my blog. But I left them up because I feel like they are part of my story. They show what I’ve learned, where I’ve been. I’ve found that being kind in my writing always makes me happier. And there’s still plenty to say.

    Thanks for the reminder. We can all use that once in a while. Happy Sharefest. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    • 21/03/2013 / 12:07

      It’s a tightrope walk. I understand the desire to want to criticize or critique, but there is no need to call someone out by name on a blog b/c you don’t like how they are dieting/reading/living. It makes me sad that people feel they have to go to that level.

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